Replace Elements with Join

Second Method – Replace Elements with Join

Advantage: faster and more stable as the first method (no need for Win32 API-Function)

Disadvantage: elements must be joinable, so you can’t use e.g. points or planes; exklusive parents can’t be deleted automaticly

insert this procedure in a public module
the procedure need  2 parameters:

1. MyJoinToRefresh [Join] – Join, which elements should be replaced
2. MyJoinNewInput [Join] – elements of this join will be replace the elements of MyJoinToRefresh

Sub JoinReplace(MyJoinToRefresh As HybridShapeAssemble, MyJoinNewInput As 
    Dim JoinElement As Reference
    ' delete all old elements
    For i = 1 To MyJoinToRefresh.GetElementsSize 'To elements count
        MyJoinToRefresh.RemoveElement 1

    ' read new elemnts and add to join
    For i = 1 To MyJoinNewInput.GetElementsSize
        Set JoinElement = MyJoinNewInput.GetElement(i)
        MyJoinToRefresh.AddElement JoinElement
    MyPart.UpdateObject MyJoinToRefresh 'update
    ' MyJoinNewInput delete
    Set ObjektReferenz = MyPart.CreateReferenceFromObject(MyJoinNewInput)
    MyHybShapeFactory.DeleteObjectForDatum MyJoinNewInput

End Sub

Example to insert the procedure into your own code:

JoinReplace MyJoin, MyJoin2